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Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair offers expert solutions for all your truck and trailer maintenance needs, ensuring reliability and efficiency on the road.

Your Leading Partner in Truck Excellence

Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair is the go-to destination for comprehensive and reliable solutions to meet all your truck and trailer maintenance needs. With a commitment to excellence, our skilled technicians provide expert services to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your fleet on the road. Whether it’s routine maintenance, diagnostics, or intricate repairs, Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair delivers top-notch solutions tailored to keep your trucks and trailers in optimal condition. Trust in our expertise for a partner dedicated to minimizing downtime and maximizing the performance of your commercial vehicles in Tallahassee, FL.

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    Our Services

    Truck Oil Change

    Truck oil change is essential for maintaining the health and longevity of a vehicle’s engine.

    Semi Truck Repair

    Semi truck repair involves diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues with heavy-duty vehicles.

    Trailer Repair

    Trailer repair involves inspecting, diagnosing, and fixing issues with trailers to ensure they remain safe.

    Mobile Truck Engine Repair

    Mobile truck engine repair provides convenient and efficient solutions for addressing mechanical issues.

    Truck Brake Service

    Truck brake service involves inspecting, repairing, and maintaining the braking system.

    Commercial Truck Suspension Repair

    Commercial truck suspension repair involves diagnosing and fixing issues with the suspension system.

    At Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair, we specialize in delivering exceptional repair and maintenance services for industrial vehicles across Leon County. Whether it’s a truck, trailer, or any other industrial vehicle requiring assistance, our skilled team is fully equipped to handle the task efficiently. Committed to excellence and promptness, we bring our expertise directly to your location, ensuring minimal downtime for your fleet.

    Our team of ASE-certified technicians is proficient in addressing a diverse range of repairs, encompassing engines, brakes, transmissions, and electrical components. With extensive experience in servicing both cabs and trailers, we guarantee optimal performance and reliability for your entire fleet. Count on Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair to keep your vehicles operating smoothly, regardless of the challenge.

    Reach Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair at (850) 790-6465.

    this image shows emergency roadside truck repair in Tallahassee, FL

    Emergency Assistance—24/7

    Don’t let roadside obstacles impede your fleet’s progress: Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair is here to assist you. Unexpected breakdowns can disrupt your schedule and cause significant stress. Understanding this, we offer dependable 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to ensure your peace of mind regardless of the time or location.

    Our unwavering commitment to maintaining the well-being of your fleet includes:

    • Round-the-clock availability: Whether it’s day or night, we’re available to assist you, eliminating the frustration of waiting for help during unexpected breakdowns.
    • Certified technicians: Our team boasts extensive experience and expertise, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to promptly diagnose and address most issues right at your location.
    • Minimized downtime: Through our on-site repairs, our goal is to quickly get you back on the road, reducing disruptions to your business operations.

    Choose Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair and embrace the assurance of continuous 24/7 support. Rely on us to restore your fleet’s functionality and drive your business forward.

    Big Rig Cab Repair

    From deteriorated gearboxes to faulty HVAC systems, Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair offers comprehensive solutions to uphold the comfort and functionality of your truck cab. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped to tackle a diverse range of cab repair needs, including:

    • Instrument Gauges: Ensuring accurate readings for critical engine functions such as speed, temperature, and fuel level.
    • Door Locks & Security: Preserving secure access to your cab while safeguarding your belongings.
    • Gearboxes & Transmissions: Facilitating smooth gear transitions and efficient power transmission.
    • Engines: Addressing engine issues of various complexities, from routine maintenance to major repairs.
    • Brakes: Ensuring reliable braking performance for your safety and that of other road users.
    • Cooling Systems: Improving engine temperature regulation for optimal performance and extended engine life.
    • HVAC Systems: Providing a comfortable driving environment with effective heating and air conditioning.

    Regardless of the cab repair challenge you face, Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair has the expertise and resources to promptly return you to the road with comfort and confidence. Let us restore your cab to its optimal condition and propel your business forward. Call us at (850) 790-6465!

    this image shows semi truck repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows semi truck repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows trailer repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows trailer repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows trailer repair in Tallahassee, FL

    Trailer Service in Leon County

    Whether you oversee a fleet of specialized trailers or rely on a single workhorse, Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair is poised to be your premier destination for comprehensive trailer repair solutions. Our experienced technicians possess the proficiency to diagnose and resolve a broad spectrum of issues affecting various trailer types, including:

    • Curtainsiders: Managing tears, track replacements, and ensuring smooth operation of the curtain mechanism.
    • Hotshots: Addressing specific hotshot trailer issues such as winch malfunctions and specialized cargo containment systems.
    • Reefers: Maintaining optimal temperature control by repairing reefer units, covering refrigeration systems, doors, and temperature controls.
    • Lowboys & Flatbeds: Dealing with frame damage, suspension concerns, and unique securing mechanisms.

    And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Our trailer repair services encompass various components:

    • Doors & Locks: Ensuring secure cargo storage and preventing potential damage or theft.
    • Latches & Tie-Downs: Ensuring proper cargo security for safe transportation.
    • Reefer Units: Maintaining consistent temperature control for your valuable cargo, regardless of external conditions.
    • Brakes: Providing reliable stopping power for all trailer types, ensuring safety on the road.
    • Axles & Suspension: Addressing wear and tear, ensuring smooth operation and proper load distribution.
    • Lighting: Repairing malfunctioning lights to maintain trailer visibility and comply with safety regulations.

    In essence, if you’re utilizing a trailer—and let’s face it, what truck driver isn’t?—rest assured that we’re equipped to handle any issues that may arise. Regardless of where the problem occurs, our team boasts expertise spanning from front to back, guaranteeing prompt and proficient repairs.

    Fleet Maintenance

    Managing a fleet comes with its challenges, but Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair simplifies preventive maintenance to ease the burden. We streamline fleet upkeep by offering convenient, all-encompassing solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

    Regardless of the size of your fleet, our team is dedicated to supporting your success. Whether you oversee a small fleet of three or a larger one of thirty trucks, we develop customized service plans that meet your specific needs and operational environment.

    Our process includes:

    • On-Site Inspections: Thorough vehicle inspections conducted at your location enable us to identify potential issues and devise tailored plans to address individual needs.
    • Personalized Service Schedules: Utilizing insights from inspections, we create personalized plans outlining the specific services required for each vehicle, optimizing performance and preventing costly breakdowns.
    • Regular Mobile Service: Our fully equipped trucks come directly to you, executing necessary preventive maintenance at your chosen site to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

    Our proactive approach allows you to focus on your core business activities while extending the lifespan of your fleet vehicles and reducing downtime costs.

    Contact Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair today at (850) 790-6465 to discuss your fleet’s unique requirements and experience the benefits of convenient, comprehensive, and personalized fleet maintenance solutions.

    this image shows fleet maintenance in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows fleet maintenance in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows truck engine repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows mobile truck engine repair in Tallahassee, FL

    Engine Diagnostics & Repair

    Encountering engine troubles can be a disconcerting and stressful experience, leaving you stranded amidst unsettling noises, performance declines, and starting challenges. When you’re on a tight schedule, such unfortunate luck is the last thing you need. Fortunately, Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair is here to help.

    Our experienced and certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to accurately pinpoint the issue, whether it pertains to a diesel or gasoline engine. We are proficient in repairing and replacing essential engine components, including:

    • Turbochargers
    • Crankshafts & Camshafts
    • Pistons
    • Spark plugs/Glow plugs
    • Cylinder heads
    • Timing chains
    • Belts and hoses
    • Valves
    • Bearings

    And many more. Essentially, we are the premier big rig repair service that Leon County relies on.

    We offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance throughout Leon County, providing prompt and professional assistance wherever you may be. With fully equipped mobile trucks and skilled technicians, we promptly arrive to diagnose and address the issue, minimizing downtime and advancing your business operations.

    Contact Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair today at (850) 790-6465 and let us be your trusted partner for reliable and efficient engine repair solutions. We’ll ensure the smooth and effective operation of your fleet, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

    Transmission Upkeep

    At Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair, we specialize in comprehensive industrial transmission repair services, ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of your equipment. Our expert technicians are trained to handle a wide range of transmission types, including automatic transmissions, automated manuals, and fully manual units. We work on:

    • Pressure Plates
    • Discs
    • Flywheels
    • Torque Converters
    • Gear Sets

    And many more parts.

    Our transmission repair services are conducted with precision and attention to detail, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and quality replacement parts. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex repairs, you can trust Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair to keep your industrial transmissions operating at peak efficiency.

    this image shows transmission repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows truck brake service in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows truck brake repair in Tallahassee, FL

    Industrial Brake Service

    When your rig’s brakes fail—or even if they decide to troll you by taking too long to stop the machine—you remember it. You’re driving a 50,000-pound machine, man. She needs to stop when you tell her to.

    At Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair, ensuring your safety remains our top priority. We understand the crucial role that well-maintained brakes play in ensuring road safety for you, your cargo, and fellow travelers.

    Our comprehensive brake services include the repair or replacement of essential components, ranging from drums and pads to reservoirs, lines, compressors, and discs. We exclusively use high-quality parts to ensure reliable performance and extend the lifespan of your braking system.

    Prioritizing your convenience:

    • Mobile service across Leon County: We bring our expertise directly to your location, eliminating the need for towing and saving you time and money.
    • Fully equipped trucks: Our technicians arrive with all necessary tools and parts, enabling on-site repairs and minimizing downtime.
    • Prompt and proficient repairs: With our expert service, you can quickly and safely get back on the road.

    Choose Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair for:

    • Dependable and efficient brake services: We ensure your brakes operate optimally for safe driving.
    • Convenience: Our direct service delivery minimizes disruptions to your business operations.
    • Experienced team: Our skilled technicians utilize their expertise to uphold the safety and reliability of your truck.

    A fully loaded class 8 rig should be able to stop from 60mph in about 355 feet. Contact Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair at (850) 790-6465 to make sure that’s exactly what happens every time you use the brakes.

    Tallahassee Industrial Suspension Service

    Have you experienced a bumpy ride in your heavy-duty truck lately? Maybe you’ve noticed unnecessary bouncing or erratic steering behavior over minor road imperfections. These signs are clear indicators of potential suspension issues.

    At Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair, we understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable ride, especially during long hauls. That’s why we offer specialized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Our team of highly trained technicians excels in:

    • Identifying and resolving various semi-truck suspension issues promptly: From worn components to misalignment, we swiftly diagnose and address factors affecting your ride quality.
    • Customizing your suspension for optimal performance: Beyond mere repairs, we tailor your truck’s suspension to meet your preferences. Whether you prefer a softer ride for long distances or a tighter response for urban driving, we’ve got you covered.
    • Providing convenient on-site service: Our mobile service eliminates the hassle of traveling to a repair shop, saving you time and ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

    Contact Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair today to schedule your appointment. Our skilled technicians will arrive directly at your location with all the necessary skills and tools. Regain the smooth, comfortable, and personalized ride you deserve.

    Let us help you conquer the road with confidence and comfort.

    this image shows truck suspension repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows truck suspension repair in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows truck electrical repairs in Tallahassee, FL
    this image shows electrical repair in Tallahassee, FL

    Tallahassee Big Rig Electrical Repair

    Electrical issues have a knack for appearing at the most inconvenient times. Whether it’s dead batteries, worn-out alternators, malfunctioning tail-lights, or faulty spark plugs, Murphy’s Law seems to apply without exception.

    Equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and extensive expertise, our highly skilled technicians excel at accurately diagnosing and resolving electrical problems of any complexity.

    Our proficiency extends beyond the cab, encompassing comprehensive electrical repairs for:

    • Trailer & Cab Lights: Ensuring visibility and regulatory compliance for your entire rig, thereby enhancing safety for both you and other road users.
    • Reefer Units: Maintaining optimal temperature control for your valuable cargo, reducing the risk of spoilage and preserving product integrity.
    • Wiring: Rectifying any faulty wiring throughout your truck and trailer to prevent electrical malfunctions and potential safety hazards.
    • Charging Systems: Preserving your battery’s full power for dependable starts and optimal performance.

    We understand the intricacies of modern truck and trailer electrical systems, supported by the skills and experience required to address any challenge.

    Contact Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair today at (850) 790-6465 for top-tier electrical system maintenance services.

    Covering Leon County

    At Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair, excellence is ingrained in our team. That’s a pretty lofty statement, but we would accept no less. There are lots of mobile truck repair teams in the area, but only one Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair.

    What’s more, we travel across Leon County (Ashley!) and back to service just about any kind of industrial vehicle. Just some of the places we’ve been include:

    • Tallahassee
    • Woodville
    • Bradfordville
    • Centerville
    • Miccosukee
    • Bloxham
    • Capitola
    • Felkel
    • Fort Braden
    • Meridian

    You don’t need to be right across the street to get great service from us. We’ve got work trucks that cover a wide area. Pick up the phone and call Tallahassee Truck & Trailer repair for all of your industrial vehicle service needs.

    Contact Us Today!

    Experience unparalleled onsite truck repair services with Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair. We emerge as your comprehensive solution provider for all industrial vehicle needs, ensuring seamless operation of your fleet and uninterrupted business flow.

    Our team of ASE-certified technicians is equipped to address a wide range of issues, including:

    • Cab and Trailer Repairs: From routine maintenance to intricate repairs involving axles, latches, and reefer units, we provide comprehensive solutions.
    • Customization and Upgrades: Enhance your driving experience with our cab service offerings, including refreshments, customizations, and additions such as GPS units.

    Choose Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair and benefit from:

    • Unmatched Service: We guarantee a streamlined and effective repair process adhering to the highest quality standards.
    • Comprehensive Solutions: Our range of services caters to all industrial vehicle needs, regardless of scale.
    • Reduced Downtime: Our primary goal is rapid turnaround, ensuring minimal disruptions to your business operations.

    Contact Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair today at (850) 790-6465 to experience a significant enhancement in the vitality of your fleet. We stand by our commitment—and we’re ready to prove it.


    Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair came through for us when our trailer had a major breakdown on a tight schedule. Their quick response and expert repair work got us back on the road in record time, saving the day and keeping our operations running smoothly. Highly recommend their reliable service!

    James Tumlin

    I’ve been relying on Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair for all my fleet maintenance needs, and they never disappoint. Their skilled technicians provide top-notch service and go above and beyond to ensure our trucks and trailers are in peak condition. Trustworthy, efficient, and always professional!

    John McCowan

    Tallahassee Truck & Trailer Repair has been our trusted partner for years, handling all our repair and maintenance needs with precision and expertise. Their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction is unmatched, and they consistently deliver results that exceed our expectations. Simply the best!

    Kevin Davis